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Welcome to the Family Justice Learning Centre, a collaboration between Norlien Foundation's Alberta Family Wellness Initiative and Alberta Justice and Attorney General. This Learning Centre is designed to provide staff with an online resource to view video and related materials that will assist you in your roles when interacting with families.

The Learning Centre is currently providing two courses covering four days of workshop and learning materials. Each is available for download and viewing. The material is presented by Dr. Marsha Kline Pruett of Smith College and Dr. Kyle Pruett of Yale University. Collectively, these courses are geared toward the incorporation of the science of early childhood development into parenting, guardianship and contact/access discussions to ensure that decisions and resolutions are based on current research and address best interests of the child.

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Course Outline

Course One: How Fathers Parent Differently: Implications for Children & Families, Before, During or After Divorce

Course Two: New Research Relevant to Early Childhood Development and Family Adversity: Applications for Family Law Contexts

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